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Rolling Code Technology

  • Automatically changes the code each time the door is used
  • Prevents unauthorized access to your garage
  • Eliminates access code duplication
  • Recognizes security codes from up to seven transmitters

Six-part Safety Package
  • Safe-T-Beam Self Diagnostic System auto reversing system incorporates infrared beam and LED diagnostic lights
  • Contact reverse stops and reverses door within two seconds of contact
  • Timed reverse stops and reverses door if it fails to close in 30 seconds
  • Adjustable electronic force sensitivity control
  • Relay switch monitoring stops and reverses door if a control relay switch malfunctions
  • STB monitoring system stops and reverses door if Safe-T-Beam system malfunctions

Overhead Door Corporation's Residential New patent pending Python Chain Glide technology features an enclosed in-line chain for superior reliability and strength with these features:
  • Quieter
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Mess
  • Long Life
  • Weather Performance

Deluxe Transmitter with CodeDodger©

Odyssey´┐Ż 1000
Belt Drive
Wireless Keypad
Key-Chain Remote
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