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About Overhead Door of Fort Smith Residential Garage Doors

Residential garage doors from Overhead Door of Fort Smith are known for being among the most dependable in the industry. You can feel good knowing that day or night, winter or summer, we'll be here to back them up - as we have been for over 40 years. For added peace of mind, our home garage doors are also proven to be durable and long lasting. The reliability of your overhead door will help you stay on schedule in the morning. Its beauty will greet you at the end of a busy workday, opening convenient, comfortable passage to your home. During the night, the security of your door will help you rest assured that your family is safe.

By choosing a residential garage door from Overhead Door, you are making a great investment, and much more. You are making us a part of your daily life and relying on us for safety, security and dependable operation. Our 24-hour repair service is readily available for spring repair or any other emergency maintenance requests. In return, we'll open the door for you - a door to attractive design options and enhanced safety features that complete your home. Go ahead and indulge your sense of design with a garage door that sets your home apart with style, appearance, safety and comfort.

According to Remodeling magazine's 2009 Cost vs. Value Report, seven of the top 10 value-yielding projects ranked by realtors involve the home's exterior. The magazine conducts the annual survey to determine the return on investment for the most common residential remodeling projects.

The biggest reason your garage door is a great investment simply comes down to cost. While the most popular exterior replacement projects come in at less than $15,000, the project with the biggest return, a mid-range priced garage door replacement, costs less than $1,200.

The Cost vs. Value report prepared and distributed by Realtor.org, along with other surveys, reinforces that homeowners can recoup their investment in smart exterior upgrades that increase curb appeal, perceived home value, and energy efficiency. "Garage door replacement, repair, and installation can be done in less than a day and the visual gratification is instantaneous," says Robert Hines of Overhead Door Fort Smith. One way to add immediate curb appeal is to invest in a new garage door and Overhead Door has many unique options.

Overhead Door in Fort Smith proudly serves Northwest Arkansas.


From US-64 - Head southeast on Garrison Avenue toward South 5th Street. Turn left onto North 9th Street. Overhead Door Company of Ft. Smith will be on the left.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors

What's R-Value and why is it important?

  • The R-value on a garage door tells you how well it insulates. You might think that it isn't important to insulate your garage, but there are several reasons why it's necessary. If you spend time in your garage or live in a cold climate and need to keep your car protected from harsh weather, then you need to be aware of the insulation rating of your garage door.
  • Be sure to check the R-value of a garage door before you buy. The higher the number, the better its insulation properties. For example, if you have a quality 1-3/8" garage door, the R-value could be as high as 6.5. For a lower-priced door, with a 9/16" thickness, the R-value could be around 4.4.
  • Many garages connect to the rest of the house or may have a room above them and opting for an insulated garage door can produce a big difference in heating and cooling costs. Of course, if your garage isn't attached to your house and your climate is consistently mild, it may make sense to get a garage door with a low R-value, or even no insulation at all.

Can I paint a steel garage door?

  • You certainly can paint a steel garage door. Using a good quality latex paint will give the most enduring results. Do not use an oil-based paint on a steel door as it will bubble and peel off.
  • You can paint other garage doors, as well. Wood garage doors look great when painted or stained. Fiberglass garage doors can be painted, too. The great thing about painting a garage door is that you can match it to the rest of your house.

What are the advantages of aluminum garage doors?

  • Aluminum garage doors are easy on mechanical parts like rollers and garage door openers because of their light weight. Therefore, they have an overall longer life. However, there isn't much difference between aluminum and steel garage doors if the door is 12 feet wide or less.
  • Another side benefit is when it's finally time to replace your door, aluminum is recyclable, giving it an added benefit.

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